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We offer a walk-in service for tanning just drop in during our opening hours. As we offer a walk-in-service on a first come, first served basis, we do not offer booked sessions. Therefore there might be an occasional wait between customers. We have a stand-up sun-tower which has very powerful UVA bulbs; a few minutes of exposure in our sun tower can be equivalent to an hour in the sun.

Tanning course:

60 minutes - £52.00


- Save £13.00 -

Check out our special offers on our tanning course deal on our offers page.


 Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator Cream

Native Oils and Vitamin E - £3.00

Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator Cream

 Natural Dark Bronzer enriched with Biosine Complex - £3.00

Tanning accelerators can be purchased at the front desk. Please note to only use accelerators and 'sun-creams' which are only specifically formulated for UVA sun-bed tanning use. 

We provide protective eye-wear for your eyelids which can be applied onto your eyelids. We recommend you keep your eyes closed at all times during your tanning session. You must be 18 or over to use our sun-bed. If your skin type is sensitive or fair, we ask you to be cautious with how long you are in the sun-bed and gradually build you tan to avoid skin irritation or sun burn. If you suffer from severe symptoms from regular sun exposure such as dizziness, fainting, heat stroke and hypertension, we do not recommend you to use UVA tanning equipment. 

If you have any concerns regarding tanning, please don't hesitate to share your concerns with a member of staff. For new clients, we also require you to fill out a sun-bed client record card which asks you to acknowledge the health and safety of using UVA tanning equipment as well as the risks of UVA exposure. 



3 minutes - £4.00

6 minutes - £7.00

9 minutes - £10.00

12 minutes - £13.00

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