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DIY Coconut Oil, Sugar and Essential Oil Hair Mask

Our body needs exfoliation and a scalp is not an exception. This exfoliating treatment helps unclog hair follicles, stimulates hair growth and buff away dandruff. The sugar in this scrub breaks down to glycolic acid which dissolves dead skin cells. The coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory benefits, the peppermint oil helps promote circulation to the scalp , and tea tree oil is antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial.

Coconut Oil, Sugar and Essential Oil Hair Mask


2 tablespoons of raw unrefined coconut oil

4 teaspoons of raw sugar

5 drops of peppermint oil

2 drops of tea tree oil


In a small bowl, mix ingredients together until it reaches the consistency of image on the left. Using your fingers or a hair colour brush, apply mixture directly to two inch sections of clean, damp hair in the shower. Once evenly applied, gently massage for 1-3 minutes and then clip your hair up and let it sit for the duration of your shower.

We hope you enjoyed this hair mask. Please send us feedback at and share your experience on our Instagram page.

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